SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike, Pedal Free and App Enabled, 18 mph E Bike with USB Port to Charge on the Go

  • Robust and foldable; the e bike’s sturdy frame can support up to 264 pounds and collapse its stem and handlebars for easy storage
  • Extreme torque; tackle speeds up to 18 mph via app optimization and climb inclines up to 12 degrees on a powerful zero emission motor
  • Long lasting charge; a single charge lets you traverse up to 15.5 miles of thrilling adventures and new discoveries
  • App control; connect your iOS or Android with the SwagCycle 2 app to track your trip, speed, GPS location, and more
  • USB port; plug your mobile devices into the electric bike’s USB port to stay fully charged wherever you go

Product Description

Discover Fun with the SwagCycle Pro
The SwagCycle Pro is a green, foldable electric bike designed to let you travel in style. Featuring the latest and greatest in electric transportation technology, the Pro can move at speeds up to 18 mph (with app optimization) and serves as fun, green way to explore your city, make that last mile to work, or zip along beachside pathways.

With the SwagCycle Pro, you can go anywhere! Pair the Pro motorized bicycle with the SwagCyle II app and check battery life, speed, and more while you breeze up hills, mounds, and any incline up to 12°. The Pro features sturdy, air-filled rubber wheels for shock absorbency and better traction so you’ll have a super smooth ride wherever you go.

The Pro is pedal free motor bicycle so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride while the throttle takes you to where you need to go. Best of all, the Pro is a collapsible electric bike and has a folding stem and handlebars so or commuters can take the cycle on the train, bus or subway, or even their car. With all these features and more, the SwagCycle Pro just may be the best electric bike yet!

Convenience Where You Need it, When You Need It
Don’t let a dying cell phone keep you from adventuring! Use your charging cable to connect your phone to the Pro’s electric bicycle’s powerful battery via USB and charge up while you ride or while you’re taking a break at your destination. There’s even a special compartment so you can store your e bike or phone charging cable safely inside and keep it nearby while you ride.

Conserve Your Energy
Sit back, relax and let the throttle do all the work. No sweating required. The SwagCycle Pro is a completely pedal free, battery powered bike, and comes with two steel pegs to allow you to rest your legs. To move forward, simply use the electric throttle to take you to where you need to go.

See and Be Seen
Travel safely with the Pro’s battery bike’s headlight. Click it on and rely on the ultra-powerful LED light to help you navigate at night or through low-light environments. With the LED light, you can see ahead as you ride and help other vehicles and pedestrians know you’re around.

Make Charging Easy Again
Frustrated with bulky charging cables that you have to keep lugging around with you? Say goodbye to exasperation and hello to the SwagCycle Pro Charging Compartment. The SwagCycle Pro comes with a hidden compartment that stores the charging cable, so that all you need to do is open the charging compartment and plug the cable into an outlet for a seamless charging experience.

Top customer reviews

 I purchased this electric bike mainly for commute purpose and also quick errand runs near home. I have done some research online and end up buying this SwagCycle Pro mainly because 1. The foldable design makes it easy to carry it anywhere with me. I can take it on public transit or store it in my car trunk. 2. It offers up to 15 miles range per charge and has a hidden compartment for charging cable so I have no problem charging it outside my home if necessary.
It took me about 10 minutes to setup and adjust the e-bike before first ride, including installation of foot pegs, handle bar, and bike seat (Tools are also included). The speed is up to 12mph in normal mode and faster speed up to 18mph can be unlocked through APP "Swagcycle II" (available on both iOS and Android). The initial charge took about 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery. The app offers real-time speed and distance tracking.
I like that the rides are pretty smooth and it has no problem with ramps and unpaved roads. I have tried riding it on normal roads, sidewalks, and unpaved roads without a problem. There is a handy USB port near the battery which can be used to charge my gadgets. Safety features such as headlights, bike horns, rear reflector and brake lights are in place.

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