T-fal Hard Anodized Cookware Set, Nonstick Pots and Pans Set, 17 Piece, Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator, Gray

  • Set includes 8-inch Fry Pan and 10.25-inch Fry Pan, 11.5” Fry Pan with lid, 10.25” Square Griddle, 1-quart, 2-quart and 3-quart Sauce Pans with lids, 3.5-quart Deep Saute, 5-quart Dutch Oven with lid, 3-quart Steamer Insert with two side handles, and a One Egg Wonder
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction for durability. NOTE:The One Egg Wonder is on the inside of the Dutch Oven in brown paper and is packed inside a 5 quart pot.
  • The unique T-fal Thermo-spot heat indicator shows when T-fal pan is perfectly preheated for cooking. Suitable heat source is gas, electric, ceramic and halogen. Not suitable for induction
  • Prometal Pro nonstick interior is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant, safe for use with metal utensil
  • Riveted silicone handles; Oven safe to 350-degree F; Glass lids; Limited lifetime warranty
  • TechnoResist Anti-Warp base provides outstanding warp resistance and even heat distribution for optimal cooking results

From the manufacturer

T-fal E918SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Non-stick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Cookware
The T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Non-stick 17-piece black cookware set provides the pieces essential for day to day cooking. The unique T-fal Thermo-Spot heat indicator shows when T-fal pan is perfectly preheated to seal in the flavor of your food. The hard anodized exterior is fast and easy to clean and crafted for long-lasting durability. Riveted silicone handles were ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping and oven safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. The 17-piece set is compatible with all cooktops except induction. This 17-piece set includes 8-inch Fry Pan and 10.25-inch Fry Pan, 11.5” Fry Pan with lid, 10.25” Square Griddle, 1-quart, 2-quart and 3-quart Sauce Pans with lids, 3.5-quart Deep Saute, 5-quart Dutch Oven with lid, 3-quart Steamer Insert with two side handles, and a One Egg Wonder.

Thermo-Spot Technology Indicates when Pan is Ready
The T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized 17-piece set features Thermo-Spot technology.. Thermo-Spot is T-fal’s unique heat indicator that shows when your pan is perfectly preheated. Adding food to a properly preheated pan seals in the natural juices of meat, poultry and fish for moist, delicious results.

Metal Utensil Safe
The T-fal Ultimate non-stick Hard Anodized Cookware Set features Expert non-stick interior which is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant. Expert non-stick interior is safe for use with metal utensils. The Hard Anodized exterior is fast and easy to clean. This set is dishwasher safe.

Cooking with Non-stick Cookware
T-fal non-stick cookware is designed to distribute heat quickly and evenly, preventing hot spots and sticking. Preheat your cooktop on low to moderate heat. For best results, keep the following in mind during cooking:

1. No fat is necessary on non-stick products, but is recommended for flavor development.
2. Aerosol cooking spray is not recommended on non-stick cookware.
3. Low to moderate heat is recommended when cooking. Overheating the pan will lessen the life of its non-stick coating.
4. Safe for use with nylon, coated, or wooden utensils.

Product description
Size:17-Piece  |  Style Name:Hard Anodized Nonstick
T-fal E765SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Anti-Warp Base Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set, 17-Piece, Gray. Enjoy reliable cooking performance with T-fal Ultimate hard-anodized nonstick cookware. Its innovative Thermo-Spot heat indicator lets you know when the pans are properly pre-heated—a critical component to sealing in moisture and delicious flavor, whether sautéing vegetables or searing steak. When the pattern in the center turns to a solid red spot, the pan is hot and ready to cook. The cookware’s hard-anodized aluminum construction heats quickly and offers long-lasting strength, while its warp-resistant even-heat base distributes heat evenly throughout for optimal cooking results. Use the cookware on any cook top, except for induction. PFOA-, Lead-, and Cadmium-free, the cookware's durable Expert nonstick interior offers a health-conscious option, effortless food release (little to no fat or oil needed), and easy cleaning. The cookware’s vented tempered-glass lids trap in heat and moisture, while its silicone stay-cool handles come riveted for strength, offer a secure and comfortable grip, and have end holes for optional hanging storage. Oven safe up to 400 degrees F (lids up to 350 degrees F) and dishwasher-safe, the T-fal Ultimate 17-piece set includes 8-inch and 10.25-inch fry pans; an 11.5-inch fry pan with lid; a 10.25-inch square griddle; 1-quart, 2-quart, and 3-quart sauce pans with lids; a 3.5-quart deep saute; a 5-quart dutch oven with lid; a 3-quart steamer insert with two side handles; and a one egg wonder pan. With T-fal Ultimate, you’ll be ready for anything—from making delicious dinners during the week to cooking up a storm for the holidays or entertaining year-round.

Top Customer reviews

Great product overall. I am very happy with the quality and so far the non-stick feature is working phenomenally. I stuck to the anodized titanium as opposed to the copper like some people got and it works out well and haven't had some of the issues others have. I've always had bad experiences with copper so I just stay away from it. As a warning you MUST use these pots on a medium-high heat; my glass stove top goes up to 10 and I do not use it past 8. I made the mistake of using one of them on high heat and it did not end well, pics attached. It ended up causing some weird markings that I assume is where some of the non-stick layer was burned off. The pot is still non stick surprisingly but the markings remain. The only gripe for me is the strainer pot. Despite my best attempts it developed some water markings right after my 3 use. You will not regret getting these pots. I cook everyday and use almost all the pots minus the very small one I think you use for eggs or something. I kept my old pots, that I had for like 6 years, just in case these were a disaster. Glad to say I threw them away two weeks ago.

The last suggestions I would give, which should be no brainers are: 1. Use wooden spoons to cook and don't use abrasive sponges to clean the pots. 2. Do not use bleach or use it very sparingly. 3. Let the pots cool down for a few mins(approx 20) before you wash them after use, this prevents the warping that plagues some consumers. 4. You don't have to let them sit in water prior to cleaning, everything slides right off.

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