PLAYMOBIL Slimer with Hot Dog Stand

PLAYMOBIL Slimer with Hot Dog Stand

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Prepare to get slimed by Slimer while he hits up his local Hot Dog Stand
Known for his hearty appetite, it's easy to track down the Ecto-plasmic, supernatural being on one of his outings for a snack as he leaves behind a trail of sticky slime
Figures can bend, sit, stand and turn their heads
Children can play with this set on its own, or combine with other PLAYMOBIL sets for hours of fun

CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

From the manufacturer

Who You Gonna Call?
PLAYMOBIL’s Ghostbusters will be out to save 'the world in miniature,' as the PLAYMOBIL universe of 30 different play themes is often called. The toys will bring the iconic Ghostbusters to life at home, enabling children to create their own stories starring their favorite characters. No matter where strange happenings are taking place – whether in the neighborhood or at the PLAYMOBIL Knights’ Castle – the fearless team will be ready to tackle any supernatural spirits that come their way!

Paranormal Play Fun:
The introduction of these new playsets brings together two epic classics, PLAYMOBIL and Ghostbusters, both known for their continued appeal and success over decades. More than 30 years after the release of the first movie, the team of parapsychologists, facing ghosts with their cool gear and humor, remains popular with fans from the early days while also attracting a growing community of new, young fans.

Playmobil Ghostbusters 9222 Slimer with Hot Dog Stand
Which ghosts can never be missed in a Ghostbusters scenario? - Slimer! The hungry, green-wobbly slime ghosts is just visiting his favorite hotdog stand, eating one hotdog after the other. Oh no - now everything is full of slime splashes and the stand is empty! Get away quickly, Slimer, before you get into trouble! Ultra slimy: the silicone slime splashes stick on all smooth surfaces.

Product description

Prepare to get slimed by Slimer while he hits up his local Hot Dog Stand. Known for his hearty appetite, it's easy to track down the Ecto-plasmic, supernatural being on one of his outings for a snack as he leaves behind a trail of sticky slime. Set also includes hot dog vendor, silicone slime splatters that stick to smooth surfaces, hot dogs, condiments, burger, drinks, bike, umbrella, and other accessories. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Top Customer Reviews

Great Playmobil set with Slimer and outstanding hot dog stand with vendor

This is a great medium size Playmobil set of 53 pieces (not including stickers). It includes Slimer, a hot dog vendor and his wonderful hot dog stand. The accessories include: four silicone slime splatters that really do stick to smooth surfaces, hot dogs, both in buns and in a string, fries, mustard, ketchup, a burger, drinks, beverage bottles, bike, umbrella and a tongs utensil.

There were a number of stickers in the set which was a little time consuming. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun and fairly easy to put together.

Slimer's arms swing at the shoulder and the vendor can bend at the waist and his arms swing from the shoulder as well. Their heads can turn from side to side. The vendor can sit if you take off his apron.

Great Toy For Ghost Busters Fan!

I got all of these Ghost Busters sets except for the headquarters.( Didn't realize that one existed until after original purchase. ) Everything by playmobil is a hit with my kid!! Some minimal assembly required. Took maybe 10-15 mins to get everything together. Only a few stickers which is nice had to be added. ( I don't love doing stickers, not my forte!) Overall assembly isn't too bad. Instructions made it very easy to read and understand. I like these a little more than legos; these do not as many pieces to assemble and that means less pieces to go missing over time. It doesn't really specify which food goes where on the stand so you can just put most of it wherever. I used the box as a reference for some of it and the rest just stuck it some where. Which had to keep moving some of it around because it wouldn't all fit right.

The weight is OK for the balance of the toy. The bike isn't very heavy and the cart is so when moving it, it will tip over if not careful. The man can't sit with attachable apron on but he seems as if he is supposed to be standing on the bike. The umbrella is a little wobbly but wasn't to big of a deal. Slimer himself is only an inch big, would have been better if he was larger but he is slightly bigger than the lego figure that came with lego demintions. It comes with several tiny slime sticky's that are reusable and stick to most surface easily, not greasy, not real slime, kinda like plastics clings that you stick on window and remove easily but not the true sticker kind of clings. Great toy! My kid loves this! Great toy for a kid who loves Ghost Busters!!

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